Take a Virtual Tour of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto


A story told millions of times is brought back to life.
It is what the poet called the “correspondence of loving senses”, which arises when the intellect and the heart learn to recognise the footprints of those who have crossed that road before us. And on that road it has built empires and personal destinies, it has seen love, joy and pain, just like us: a guidebook to the experiences that have left their mark on the civilisation of peoples – experiences which, when closely examined, tell the stories of each one of us.

For this reason, the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto MArTA is like a glass house: via this Virtual 3D Tour it restores those footprints, those traces, and the more than six thousand exhibits on display, to the intellect and heart of the world.

Virtually open while we wait for the return of the people, today we give life to bits and digital communication, creating a correspondence between past, present and future.

Every financial contribution serves this end: to once again bring this story to life and make the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto not only a place in which to conserve heritage, but also a seedbed in which to cultivate the value of all the small footprints of the future, which, aware of history, we will continue to trace.

Enjoy your journey!

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