Visitors are advised that in accordance with Italian Law DL 105 of July 23, 2021, from Friday August 6, 2021, members of the public will only be allowed to enter the Museum on presentation of the Green Pass (certificate of Covid-19 health status) accompanied by proof of identity. See FAQs

Visitors are advised that anyone wishing to enter the Museum must reserve and purchase their tickets in advance online.
In case of ticket purchase for multiple visitors, it is recommended to make a single booking operation for all participants to the visit, to ensure entry into the same time slot.

MArTA Gift Card

Make a donation and give someone the experience of a 3D virtual tour of the Taranto Museum. Enable that special someone to go on a journey back in time through the 20 thousand years of history showcased in one of the world’s foremost archaeological museums.
As well as being “virtually close” to that person, you will also receive a MArTA Ambassador certificate, and you will become a patron of the arts and culture. Indeed, your gesture will contribute to scientific and cultural projects, young people’s education and the consolidation of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto.

Thanks to your donation:

  • A person can take the virtual 3D tour and admire all of MArTA’s collections
  • You will receive the MArTA Ambassador certificate


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